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Nashua and Charles City, Iowa

Serving the people of Nashua and Charles City for over eighty years, the law offices of Cronin Skilton & Skilton P.L.L.C. have a long and proven track record of providing quality legal services to our clients. The attorneys at our firm have a large range of experience in a substantial number of areas of the law, including personal injury, wrongful death, wills and probate, employment law, general business and litigation, contracts, taxation, real estate, bankruptcy, family law, and criminal defense.

  80 Years of History

David Skilton Attorney
John R. Cronin founded the law  firm in 1934 during the height of the Great Depression, maintaining his presence in the office as a hard working and industrious attorney for the duration of his working life, minus a brief period during World War II when he served in the United States Navy.  David and Christine Skilton joined him in 1992 fulfilling a promise to carry on his legacy, priding themselves every day on their ability to solve the tough and sensitive legal problems of their clients.

Peace of Mind:  We Are Here For You

scales of justice on law books with court government background

We know that when it comes to a pressing legal matter, it is extremely important to have an attorney that is always available to you. Easy to reach in the event of an emergency or if you just need to talk about some pending matter, we utilize both internet voice and messaging chat to maintain open lines of communication with our clients to both give them peace of mind and alleviate the stress of a lawsuit.  We take time to address our clients' individual needs.

Personal Injury, Wills, Probate, Civil Litigation

Legal advice and services

Although our legal practice casts a wide net into many areas of the law, at Cronin Skilton & Skilton, a large portion of our work is in the fields of personal injury, wrongful death, wills, estate, probate, employment law, general business and civil litigation, contracts, taxation, real estate, bankruptcy, family law, and criminal defense. If you have a pressing matter in any of these areas of law, we are here to serve as your trusted legal adviser and guide you through the entire process. 

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